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Dawson, Lionel J

PROFESSOR in Veterinary Clinical Sciences - Oklahoma State University
Professor in Research and Extension - Langston University

Specialty: Large Animal Reproduction Small ruminant Production Medicine Swine Reproduction


American College of Theriogenologists (ACT)

Department: Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Contact Information:
Vet Teaching Hospital
American Institute of Goat Research, LU
Stillwater, OK 74078
Office: (405) 744-700
Laboratory: (405) 744-8580
Fax: (405) 744-6265
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Born in Rangoon , Burma now called Yangoon, Myammar. Early child hood was in Burma. Family moved to South India due to the political conditions there. Educated in Madras in India. Went to Madras Christian College high school and later went to a 5 year curriculum at Madras Veterinary College to be a Veterinarian. Practiced small animal medicine in Madras for 6 months. Late 1978, moved to Iowa State University at Ames, Iowa to a graduate program in " Swine Reproduction" under Dr Lawrence Evans. After finishing my masters and a "large Animal internship" at ISU, moved to the University of Missouri to do a residency in "Theriogenology", under Drs Bierschwal, Youngquist, Elmore and Blanchard. Later moved to Oklahoma state university as a Theriogenologists in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. Early mentoring at Oklahoma State University was under Dr Lawrence Rice. At Oklahoma state University, I am involved in the teaching and mentoring of students , interns and residents since 1982. I have the responsiblity of monitoring and performing their veterinary related work for Animal Science cattle and Swine herds, and also the cattle belonging to the Department of Corrections at McAlister, Oklahoma. From1998, I have a 25% appointment with Langston university, involved in their research, extension and international activities. I am the veterinarian for their 1600 goat herd, and visit the farm once a week with our OSU veterinary students, to expose them to different aspects of small ruminant production medicine. I have visited number of countries like Armenia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Malavi and India to improve sheep and goats in their countries. My hobbies include travelling to third world countries, actively involved in coaching soccer to our youth in our county, gardening and watching OSU sports.

Licenses: Oklahoma, India

Fields of Interest:

Small ruminant production medicine. Ethiopian sheep and goat improvement programs. Male infertility and obstetrics in farm animals. Collaboration with Apollo College of Veterinary Medicine at Jaipur, India, Tamilnadu Veterinary Science University, Chennai,India.

Current Research Focus:

Small ruminant production medicine and management. Small ruminant reproduction - synchronization, breeding strategies and ET. Extended lactation in dairy goats. Energy expenditure and nutrition in meat goats.

Professional Experience:

Licensced practice in Oklahoma.

Licensed to practice in India

Federally Accredited Veterinarian

Certified to perform regulatory work at Live Stock Auction Markets

Certified to perform regulatory work on Camelids

Professional Affiliations:

American College of Theriogenologists

Society for Theriogenology

American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners

Phi Zeta - CVM - OSU

Sigma Xi - OSU

Gamma Sigma Delta - School of Agriculture - OSU

Phi Beta Delta - School of International Studies - OSU

Selected Publications:

"Reproductive examination in a doe". Current Therapy in Large Animal Theriogenology. Youngquist and Threlfall, 2007. Saunders.

"Manipulation of estrus cycle in a doe". Current therapy in Large Animal Theriogenology. Younquist and Threlfall,2007. Saunders.

“Meat goat herd health and prevention.”  Meat goat production handbook.  TA Gipson, RC Merkel and S Hart.  Oklahoma State University Press, 2007.

“Meat goat herd health and common diseases.”  TA Gipson, RC Merkel and S Hart.  Oklahoma State University Press, 2007.

“Development of teaser bulls under field conditions.”  GL Morgan, and LJ Dawson.  Veterinary Clinics of North America – Food Animal Practice, Field Surgery of Cattle Part II, Vol. 24 No. 3, November, 2008

“Preferred Management practices in goats” LJ Dawson.  Goat Science and Production. Editor SG Solaiman, Wiley Blackwell Publishing, March 2010

“Goats: Health managements” Dawson LJ. Encyclopedia of Animal Science. 492-495, Dec. 2010 

Courses Taught:

VMED 7674 Theriogenology

VMED 7741 Bovine Palpation

VMED 5152 Zoo Technique

VCS 7763 Clinics - Theriogenology

VCS 7003 Clinics - Field Services